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At Hammarstrom Drone, we provide fast, affordable, and reliable data from the air so our customers can make better informed decisions about their most critical assets.

   Get data-rich aerial photos to make informed and actionable decisions. Fast, insightful and easy drone services on demand or by yearly contracts. Perform assets inspections for industry, residential and commercial real estate. Safely and affordably evaluate leaks, rooftop condition, and new installations. Easily collect valuable data for actionable decisions and communication.

How can drone operations help you manage your teams on the ground and lower costs?

   Drone photography enables you to collect important and actionable data on commercial and residential assets. Visualize the condition of the construction, spot leaks and imperfections, or simply understand current vents, HVAC systems, or solar panels already installed on a roof. Aerial photography can empower you to make better, smarter, and more informed decisions.

What are the other advantages?

   High definition photos also allow you to clearly communicate to clients, investors, or other customers. Help them understand your work, your process and what the current status is on their project.

Where can we operate?

   We provide services in all of Sweden and all over Europe. The expert drone operators within our team are vetted and proven, and are ready to take on any project you send our way. We offer flexibility to adapt our services for any project and provide solutions for producing exceptional results.

What is our process?

   After confirming your project details and requirements, we’ll send a pilot to your specified location, wherever it is you need us. We will send you the imagery and data as soon as 24 hours after the flight for most operations. 


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112 25 Stockholm

Tel: +46 70 824 07 07

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